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How Are We Protecting Our Black Youth From Abuse?

  • The Platform Theatre Hornsey Road Baths, 2 Tiltman Place, off Hornsey Road N7 7EE United Kingdom (map)

Background Synopsis

The Man in the Mirror’ brand was first launched in September 2014, which was also released as the no.1 documentary of the year. Giving an insight into the life of a young African male overcoming adversity living in the United Kingdom. As well as identify the on-going traumas African/Caribbean people face within today’s society such as; Mental health, Fostering, Incarceration, Sexual & Physical abuse and schooling.

Objective / Nature of event

The Man in the Mirror project is the current name of our venture and is also known as a community networking group. Proving support for young males who’ve been victims of abuse and to help raise awareness amongst our families about abuse. By providing data and evidence on how it affects us an indigenous people from displaying historical facts, current issues and first hand experiences. By presenting event lecture presentations, screenings, conferences, support groups/workshops and online forums. Our next scheduled event will take place on Saturday February the 25th 2017.

The purpose of the event is to bring together the African family to partake in the discussions with the guest speakers, panel members, groups activities and networking with various organizations that can offer support. This will also be used as a platform, which will enable the community to reap the benefits by sharing personal experiences, obtaining new business contacts and gaining new information within these areas of concern.

The programme will involve:
1) Induction of the event + trailer + Background info about The Man in the Mirror + The current stage its at.
2) Panel Discussion + Presentation
3) Q&A with the panel members and interactive discussion with the audience
4) Workshop
5) Networking