Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors are all visionaries within their chosen fields, they have all contributed significantly to a number of community based causes and work diligently for a better tomorrow.

Greg Tello - Executive Director

With over 15 years of Welfare to Work experience Greg has used both his professional and personal experiences to promote positive change within a variety of communities. Passionate about creating opportunity and change for those less fortunate, his can - do approach is both relentless and inspiring.  Believing that 'collaborative approaches are the solution to issues deeply embedded within our communities', inspired by those before him Greg is determined to leave a lasting legacy.

Isaak Badru - Executive Director

With just over 15 years as a recruitment professional, Isaak developed the entrepreneurial flair which has enabled him to excel within an extremely competitive industry. 'My passion for EITR and the growing network is rivalled only by his business partner Greg Tello' Isaak explains, elevating individuals through results is something I've been doing for many years and its my continued passion via EITR to effect change and leave a lasting legacy.  Follow Isaak on Twitter @isaaksworld

โ€œHe who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in lifeโ€
— Muhammad Ali